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FAQs about our Menu

Our Gluten-Sensitive Baked Goods

Q:  Do you have gluten free (GF) items?

A:   Yes, we have some gluten-sensitive (GS) items.

Q:  Why do you call your non-gluten items GS?

A:   Without getting too technical, the human body can detect gluten in incredibly small amounts. To certify foods as GF, the facility must demonstrate that those thresholds can be met, e.g., in a dedicated facility for GF baking.


Q:  How can you guarantee that no gluten is in your GS items?
A:   For the reasons given in the question above, we would not make that claim. We are a conventional bakery, but we take precautions just as you would in your own kitchen. We use GF ingredients, but we bake our GS items when the bakery is closed, after all equipment and utensils are cleaned, and when the items containing wheat, barley, etc., are not being prepared.

Q:  How do you package your GS items?
A:   Our GS items are individually wrapped and segregated from the conventional items.

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